Mexican Madness for Couturing

Hola, Couturing compadres! It’s that time of the year to dust off those ponchos and pull out the good tequila, because its El Grito time! Mexican Independence Day this Sunday the 16th September, and if you’re anything like me and love a good excuse to eat disgusting amounts of delicious food, mix up some margaritas, all while in $2 shop moustaches then read on.

But if you’re wondering what to do and how to plan it then don’t worry because I’ve complied a list of Mexican fiesta ideas for you and your amigos’ to enjoy on this fine Spring Sunday.

Forget the messy fish bowls at Taco Bill; this is all about authentic Mexican experiences and the real deal quality food in Melbourne.
To start us off in this Mexican celebration; Trippy Taco located at 234 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Trippy Taco is a Mexican mash-up of dirty street food and home-cooked vego and vegan Mexican; wrapped up and handed to your table in a foil-wrapped burrito of delicious. Exotic spices, fresh ingredients, rich, wholesome flavours garnished with the perfect amount of cheesiness and happy service – what more could you ever need?

Also, friendly tip: their chilli fries are must.

Please note: Do not go here with someone you want to impress.

If you’re after a bit of flavour and perhaps some tequila to keep you company, you’re your next destinations is: Senoritas located at 16 Meyers Place, this restaurant a zesty twist on authentic Mexican. Perhaps a little less cheesy than Trippy Taco, it’s a bit on the higher-end, but well worth the extra change. Again is gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Senoritas pays homage to the vibrant, colourful Dia de Muertos and rich Mexican culture through its décor and its food. Their homemade tortillas, slow-cooked pork, cactus salads, are just the beginning, bursting with succulent (hey, hey) flavour, modern spices and texture. An evening not to be completed without a cheeky tequila shot – Hey, it is Mexican Independence Day, after all.

But maybe you’re the type who wants to skip the food fiesta and head straight for the alcohol? Next up is Little Blood located on Level 1, 272 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. If there’s going to be a classic Mexican tequila stop on your route to a drunken Mexican hat dance, then this is it. With numerous sombreros fixed onto the roof and single-man hammocks perfect for lazing on while you drink, the bar has a perfect appearance of a classic Mexican shack, and, of course, the bars own favourite kind of tequila- the Tequila Tromba. Bar staff with an incredible knowledge of their tequila range, and a large array of elaborate cocktails and authentic tequila drinks to choose from you and your friends will be well on your way to swinging bottles of tequila and dancing the Mexican hat dance in your sombreros like true amigos.

If all else fails and your friends are into more of a DIY Mexican fiesta then don’t stress because we’ve got a great way to get a home Siesta kick-off is to crack open that old bottle of tequila or even some Kahlua, and have yourselves a good of a party as any!

What you’ll need to do:
1) Head to a local $2 shop to stock up on novelty Mexicana items; such as ponchos, moustaches, sombreros, inflatable cactuses, candles and of course the Piñata!
2) For food, head down to your supermarket and put everything from the Mexican section into your trolley, and include ingredients for your special own taco, nacho, burrito and quesadilla recipes and don’t forget the alcohol!
3) Decorate your dinner table/kitchen/lounge area with all things Mexican and to create an even better vibe, YouTube some Mexican classics.
4) Cook everything up (see Google for answers)
5) Eat until you’ve utterly lost your self-respect and you’ve managed to get more food on the poncho than in your mouth
6) Toast to your amigos for sharing Mexican Independence day, then get drunk and enjoy the fiesta!

Now to thank Mexico for its beautiful, wonderful food (and country, of course)! Diviértete!

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